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The bulk of members whom associate with the Central Deserts Branch of the Ulysses Club live in and around Alice Springs in the Northern Territory of Australia. With a largely itinerant population, mobs of our friends have moved away from the red dirt of Central Australia only to realise that the ochre gets in. They proudly wear our branch memorabilia and it’s great to catch up with them from all around this great country. Many of them still like to receive our branch emails.
We have a lot of room to move out here and some big spaces to cover on our rides. Compared with our coastal cousins, destinations are limited. Often, we will be away from mobile phone coverage with limited opportunities to purchase fuel, food and drink. Temperatures can vary greatly from below zero to well over 40 degrees Celsius, with daily variations between minimum and maximum often around 20 degrees. Fellow riders that know the conditions are invaluable for support and camaraderie, as we travel to myriad exotic destinations.
Basically, the roads are North, South, East or West. You could expect to see station homesteads that have embraced tourism and can feed you a hearty meal or some quick takeaway, with whatever beverage you desire. They may even have fuel, though not necessarily premium or ultimate varieties. Or, you may go into any of a variety of chasms, gorges and water holes, stunning rock formations and areas with stunning flora and fauna. 
In town, there are museums detailing our rich history, Aboriginal culture and the natural wonders of our area. You could explore the Desert Park all day and still not see everything. Get up close to kangaroos, emu, our diverse reptiles or even ride a camel. Even take one out to dinner!
Amidst all this excitement you might even contact our secretary, Jeff Cole at or take in one of our rides or social events to find fellow motorcyclists and share a story or two. We’re a little isolated and would love to catch up with you.

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